My Approach

Counseling Santa Cruz

I am a skilled and compassionate counselor/therapist, providing a place and a process to heal and grow. Counseling offers a way out of confusion, pain and suffering. You can shift your thinking, your feelings, and relationship patterns when insights arise in a safe and nurturing relationship with a therapist. It can truly be a life-changing experience!

Present-centered mindfulness is the foundation of my approach. We only live in this present moment. Of course we learn from the past and plan for the future, but we are living now. Our present actions, thoughts and feelings are, to a large degree, choices. By practicing present-centered mindfulness, we become more skilled in choosing to be the person we aspire to be.

I am trained in several theoretical and applied methodologies, bringing my presence and expertise to every session and presenting issue. I welcome questions about counseling psychology and how therapy works– so please ask.