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Therapy for working through troubling emotional states, overcoming cycles of family conflict, and recovering from trauma

Psychotherapy, EMDR Therapy & Ketamine Assisted Therapy in Santa Cruz, CA

Welcome to compassionate, mindful, relational, and effective therapy.

Therapy is meant to be life-changing: to heal from the past, to move forward with a more connected and loving relationship with yourself, to feel closer and more at ease with the primary people in your life, to shed old patterns and develop new strategies for both connection and protection, and to engage in the brave and vulnerable work of self-transformation. 

I work with adults in person in Santa Cruz, CA and online within California.

Let’s collaborate to bring more ease and joy to your life.

Our therapeutic relationship will orient around your healing and therapeutic goals, your recovery from past trauma, your change process, and your well-being.


I help people to heal from the past experiences, to feel more at ease in the present moment, and to move forward with more clarity.

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EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy. An evidence-based approach to processing trauma and difficult memories

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Ketamine Therapy

I am a KAP provider through Journey Clinical which covers the medical side of KAP while I provide psychotherapy..

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